Addressing the Challenges of Plant-Based
(including Vegan) Diets:Natural Therapies with Rio Health
Rose Holmes, Nutritionist, BSc, Dip.ION, PGCE, MBANT
Rio Health, Education and Training Manager

Live IHCAN Conference Webinar Tuesday 5th December 2023 6:30 pm (UK)
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Trending virtually everywhere at the moment, is the move toward having more environmentally friendly food options.

As the New Year approaches, practitioners may wish to be ready with up-to-date advice for new clients wishing to participate in the Veganuary annual challenge, and for existing clients who are following (or moving towards) a more plant-based, sustainable-food-friendly, vegetarian or vegan diet and lifestyle.

In this webinar we will review vegan-diet-associated potential deficiencies and discuss how to support clients opting for these diets and/or lifestyles—including with nutrient-dense superfoods and vegan omega options.